Monday, September 19, 2011

Blog 5

Been a hot minute. Been fighting with my parents nonstop for 3 weeks. Between them downing my education (and how I don't have a job that matches it), downing my parenting skills (and how they did better but wonder why I turned into a "terrible" parent), and how being fat is the reason I am not married/dating seriously/ wanted by men I am about 2 seconds from going Lizzie on them.

I am fat because I am depressed. I am depressed because I am unhappy. The only thing that makes me happy is my son and that isnt enough. I should be happy to see my parents not livid that I can't escape them. I am a good mom but I raise my son different. Not bad just different. We have a routine and it is to be stuck to. When I say no I expect it to be upheld not for my mom to just wait till I am out of the room and then give him or by him whatever he wants. BS

I need a job that matches my education. I need my own place or at least one without my parents. I agreed to let them have the house but that doesn't mean they can treat me like a smelly piece of garbage. And as far as a man goes... I'll get one when I want. I want a man. I don't need one.


no where near where I want to be.....